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Hey guys, I have been looking to buy oxygen for a while. But it seems you are al

Hey guys, I have been looking to buy oxygen for a while. But it seems you are all oxygen heads here, that’s fine. What are your favourite features about it? Do most of you come from Elementor? Divi?


  1. Nikita Severin says

    My favorite thing about oxygen is the freedom.

  2. Jason Eugene says

    Having come from visual builder and Divi I find it a lot easier to achieve the design I want. With other builders I would have modify what already existed and that usually took a lot of work or I would continually have to buy addons for one component. Not to mention that the code output is far better, making my site fast without needing to do a ton of optimization.

  3. Eric Embacher says

    I rarely get a chance to watch YouTube videos, so I appreciate the chance to catch up on various walking tours of European cities while waiting for the Oxygen editor to load. 30 seconds of waiting, 20 times a day adds up to some great exploration…I almost feel like there’s no need to travel anymore!

  4. Dominik Klon says

    I came from pure code and that’s why I love it.. I can still use code but 95% of my work can be done by few clicks

  5. Willem de Vlam says

    you know how there are video games that hold your hand and let you explore only up to a point and then you reach some kind of barrier? like a mountain you can’t climb, or a river you can’t cross, or sometimes just an invisible wall?
    what I like about oxygen is that there’s no wall.

  6. Don Julien says

    Coming from elementor the feature I like most is that you can execute php commands right in the builder. Saves a lot of time that I would spend on creating shortcuts for small stuff otherwise.

  7. Vijay Kumar says

    Please don’t compare any other builders with Oxygen. It’s a god’s gift for WordPress developers. Just go ahead and get the builder. EOD

  8. Divaldo Carlos says

    Hi Eric Albert just watch Kevin Geary YT videos and you will for sure find out cool features. If you are new on dev, I recommend to joint Kevin’s inner circle.

  9. Sunil Wu says

    I just built my first Oxygen site after using Elementor for a few years.

    To be honest, I’m still on the fence: Elementor has more widgets out-of-the-box and a bigger ecosystem with the benefits that that brings.

    With Elementor, being able to use pre-made templates and starter sites is also a huge timesaver.

    But also, I think that the site I just built would be slower with Elementor.

    So moving forward I’m likely to use both.

  10. Mike McCrone says

    I went from Divi to Elementor to Oxygen. Oxygen’s CSS ecosystem is just the best. I couldn’t tell you how many times I was adding custom CSS to Elementor and Divi and felt like I was playing Pin the Tail on the Donkey and just hoping the code was going in the right place.

  11. Totte Lundgren says

    I come from Elementor. I regret nothing.

  12. Roger F. Schulze says

    Elementor is the Bain of my existence.

  13. Fannar Ásgrímsson says

    I come from Divi and fell in love with the out of the box flexibility and freedom that comes with Oxygen.

  14. Sarah Crawford says

    Divi. And I’ve loved divi! But I find I get stuck with their blog, portfolio and shop layouts. Now I have all the flexibility I want. It took some getting used to but my process is getting better.

  15. Salehuddin Arjunaidy says

    I use divi on a daily basis at the agency that I work at. It’s a bit restrictive and limited, but I can produce websites really quickly.

    But for personal client projects, I use Oxygen. More flexible and fun for me.

  16. Michał Kwasiuk says

    You came with a question to get yourself convinced. Get it. Just do it. Used Divi for 2 years myself. Switching to oxy was the best decision ever made.

  17. Jason Bishop says

    The clues in the name… with oxygen you can breathe and function… everything else just smothers and suffocates you and your site.

  18. Daniel Richard says

    Using both Elementor and Oxygen Builder here.

    OB’s great as it allows you to create your own “components”, while E kinda locks you in with theirs.

    E’s recent update does reduce the css and js being compiled on pages where E’s loaded (can’t say for the rest of the third party plugins for E).

    While some of the annoying bits of OB (eg: spinning cog that goes for half a minute, or dynamic fields keep refreshing on every new changes made) can be “solved” by hiding those fields from view when you’re editing the rest of the page.

    It’s a love-hate (annoying) thing when working with OB, however, the end result (of a performant; or “native-app” fast) site is still the main thing why OB’s still a fav to work with.

  19. Mark Strus says

    I started with divi but I hate divi so much. Moved to elementor with my agency uses for most projects and I like it but need to add several plugins to make it work for us. I started using oxygen on my own and it’s better in a lot of ways like having more freedom and control over designs, needing less plugins, the tempting system is phenomenal (although a recent elementor update made their system almost as good). There’s a bit higher learning curve but honestly it’s not that bad. You just have to think more like how you would structure HTML and CSS than how the builder works. Code output is a lot cleaner too. I think elementor or oxygen are good solutions but if you have to just pick one I would say go with oxygen.

  20. Savien Van says

    I tried Elementor pro before. Elementor is a lot of garbage in the code and slow loading if you need to use your design.
    Oxygen gives you the ability to get clean code and that says it all. If you have written sites with your hands before, you will appreciate it. If not, then you just might not understand.
    If you understand that sites need to be developed locally and not on hosting, how to fully control this process then oxygen will be like a breath of fresh air for you. But I advise you to buy a Hydrogen pack together with Oxygen.

  21. Andrei Mihai says

    Oxygen is the most powerful, flexible, clean coded, and high performing builder. Maybe not the absolute best in each area, but for sure the best when it comes to combining all these things. The workflow you get with Hydrogen Pack (shortcuts) and OxyNinja/OxyMade (frameworks) addons is amazing. Is how every builder should be. It also pushed me to start learning how to code, which I now love doing. Oxygen’s biggest problem is the slow back end, but I’m sure it will be solved in the near future.

  22. Davidov Mihail says

    After 2 years I transfer from Elementor pro to oxygen for 2 tras în speed and performance, elementor team don’t works badly

  23. Terry Gooding says

    I came from build everything custom – no builders. I hated the associated bloat and oxygen is the first that has great performance on the front end. It’s not all roses though, the backend can be painfully slow.

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