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Hey guys, I’m using the default template, “Blog Archive Page 2”

Hey guys, I’m using the default template, “Blog Archive Page 2”
> For me, I’m having problems with pagination When going to page 2, the posts don’t match. Any tips on what to check out here? 😬


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  1. Lucas says

    I’m not a dev, I’ve wasted several hours trying to figure it out and it didn’t work.
    _ already set the default WP settings the number of posts per page.
    _Seleviionei on the default WP page, my blog page.
    _recreated a new template and add again “Blog Archive 2”
    _set blog page as Blog Index within Oxygen
    _set blog page as Archive Post within Oxygen

  2. Lucas says


  3. Azz says


  4. David says

    Check how you have set up your Oxygen template. You may need to check “all archives” as well.

  5. Liam says

    For me, page 2 results in a 404.

  6. Lucas says

    I want to keep “Hero” as the template – this layout is perfect for my project.✌

    However, for testing I removed the “Hero” and the paging worked fine 👍. Only with Hero + Blog Posts List I have paging problems. So the Oxygen settings on my side are Okay, in fact it’s template related, which might need a few more lines of code to handle the two repeaters and do the paging correctly.

    David Babinec I appreciate if you can help me. Note, from what I saw here in the publications history, in the past this also generated doubts, maybe I can record or write all the steps we must do on our side to use template 2 without problems. If possible put this in the official documentation.

  7. Lucas says

    David Babinec I opened a ticket, take a look please.

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