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Hey Guys. Just wanted to share an Oxygen Success story. I had built our site i

Hey Guys. Just wanted to share an Oxygen Success story. I had built our site in Divi a few years back but recently we’d been hit with the Core Web Vitals updates and our rankings started to suffer. I joined the group and started reading about Oxygen, tried it out and loved it. Instead of trying…



  1. Kevin Geary says

    Thanks Jeff! It was a pleasure working with you and your team!

  2. Eduware Izekor says

    The power of oxygen 🙂

  3. Jean-Pierre Michael says

    Kevin is a beast! Congrats !

  4. Matija Ljevar says

    Pricing page on mobile needs some more tweaking.

  5. Samuel Gonzalez says

    Yep, normal chrome works great

  6. Udoro 'Cracka' Essien says

    Nice work Kevin!

  7. Annie S. Anderson says

    Nice! Looks great

  8. Rika Fouché says

    On Huawei P30 Lite I can’t scroll past the blue section. It keeps jumping back to the image of the handbag.

  9. Dicky Rig says

    I’m now on your remarketing list 😆
    At least, offer a valuable deal to your remarketing audience 😁

  10. Zulfikar Tarunawijaya says

    Nice! Oxygen Builder helps our website breathe easier.

  11. Robert Szopa says

    Im having scroll issues on the site for some reason and some of the transitions can be smoothed out but great site!

  12. James Brambley says

    “Photos Ares So Good” typo in the hero!

  13. Michael Huz says

    Jeff DeLaCruz did you rankings go back up ?

  14. Branislav Vukadinovic says

    Looks broken to me. Scroll is acting up.

  15. Aleš Sýkora says

    Wtf is going on here?

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