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Hey guys were looking to make the switch from our current theme (Flatsome) to ox

Hey guys were looking to make the switch from our current theme (Flatsome) to oxygen. I have been playing around testing. So far so good and love the flow of Oxy. I got two questions I hope you guys can answer or guide me.

1. How is the integration and functionality with woocommerce?

2. Are there any must have plugins or add-ons?

Hei teman-teman sedang mencari untuk membuat saklar dari tema kita saat ini (Flatsome) ke oksigen. Saya sudah bermain-main di sekitar uji coba. Sejauh ini sangat baik dan menyukai aliran Oxy. Saya punya dua pertanyaan, saya harap kalian bisa menjawab atau membimbing saya.

1. Bagaimana integrasi dan fungsionalitas dengan Woocommerce?

2. Apakah ada yang harus memiliki plugin atau add-ons?

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  1. Don Julien says

    1. yes with addons
    2. depends on what you’re doing

  2. Burt Gordon says

    What are the issue you are having with Flatsome?

  3. Joe Regan says

    Oxyninja has a great woo theme.

  4. Chetan Hada says

    We have expertise with oxygen builder

  5. Max Zimmer says

    WooCommerce integration is baked into Oxygen, but will require the WooCommerce tier (the second one IIRC).

    For addons, OxyNinja is popular. And, I built Editor Enhancer to provide a bunch of awesome workflow tools in Oxygen.

  6. Alberto Mercer Murillo says

    Interesting, I’ve been doing research to figure which direction I was going with a new WooCommerce site aswell. The simplest answer seemed to be flatsome, it’s hyper focused on WooCommerce and all the necessary elements exist. If I were to stick with oxygen it seemed the best route was oxyultimate. Following.

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