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Hey! If the client wants to edit any texts on the website, how do you deal with

Hey! If the client wants to edit any texts on the website, how do you deal with that without giving them access to Oxygen?
Adding an ACF field for each text sounds a bit much.


  1. Janos Moga says

    Can’t you just pull the content from Gutenberg?

  2. Marcin Neuman says

    ACF is a best way to do it. And the most user friendly. At first I thought it’s too much work. And after a few websites it’s a quick job.

  3. Harry Buckley says

    Here is a challenge. Why not tray and create a whole site where you make use of Oxygen to render the content BUT have the content provided by posts and ACF. I have almost completed a site where the content of the site comes from ACF, Tablepress and Posts. The beauty of this is that the site is styalized in Oxygen and I have created an Editor role which has the ability to Update Posts, Update specific Post Types and to edit the content of tables in Tablepress. Ok its not a commerce site BUT it provides my client with 100% control of the content.

  4. Alex Tester says

    Custom Gutenberg blocks are my favoured approach if they need full control of the page content.

  5. Zrinka Zizi says

    Acf is the best.. Extra work but not the most complex to pull off. It pays off big time

  6. Budi Haryono says

    Acf option page solution

  7. Johannes Maier says

    Sounds like ACF is the way to go. Thanks everyone!

    From what I remember using the Oxygen Gutenberg integration, the content changes in Gutenberg is not added into Oxygen. This could make things messy along the way.

  8. Gabriel Denys says

    Why not give them oxygen access? My clients use it just fine in client mode? You can limit it to only text editing.

  9. Mark Strus says

    I use the client mode and blocks editor. They have full control over text, links, images, etc, but can’t change design elements. Plus it lets them use the blocks to build their own additional content if they want.

  10. Jeff Pedigo says

    I’ve been using ACF custom blocks more and more. And the more custom blocks I create, the bigger the library I have for jobs down the line. This allows me to tightly control the presentation of each block and allows the client to create their own content by mixing and matching custom blocks. I still use Oxygen as the theme builder and to build certain, highly customized pages, but much of the page content and all of the post content is created using ACF custom blocks.

  11. Dicky Ibrohim says

    Metabox/ACF, Gutenberg, or Oxygen with role editor

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