the answer for all question about Oxygen Builder plugin and WordPress
  1. Nate Galloway says


  2. Craig Miln says

    Your preloader is causing issues.

  3. Adam Zonnis says

    Blank on my android too

  4. Nate Galloway says

    yea I think it is your preloader on mobile that is causing the issue.

  5. Josh Snoddy says

    I’ve experienced this when migrating sites, uploading the site again fixed it

  6. Patryk Stanczak says

    I just deleted the pre-loader. Still same

  7. Patryk Stanczak says

    I am currently re-migrating.

  8. Joshua Miller says

    Did you set the home page in read? I get this some times when I migrate and the site for some reason defaults to no static page

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