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Hey people, i want share my experience with oxygen.

Hey people, i want share my experience with oxygen.

I domain very good oxygen at the moment, i like it too much because is very complete in features.

I was using oxy addons to power up oxygen like OxyExtras, OxyMade… OXY ultimate… but oxygen was too much slow and impossible to edit, slowing my workflow and having stress.

Only Oxygen with Woocommerce is not slow, is good optimized, but I realized that OXY addons slow the editor, so I decided only use oxy extras and OXY Ninja, because OXY ultimate, OxyUltimate woo and OXY Made are very heavy to the editor.

¿Anyone is having same problems and fixed it same to me?

(Yes my English is not good)


  1. Davor Mlinarić says

    if you didn’t already, deactivate components that you are not using.

  2. Niko Strobel says

    Also make sure you have suitable hosting. Crap hosting will slow down a WooCommerce site with add-ons much quicker.

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