the answer for all question about Oxygen Builder plugin and WordPress
  1. Jamie says

    Design course is great for learning design fundamentals;

  2. Vit says

    Do you mean for Oxygen Builder? If you already know a bit about WordPress, I would highly recommend Corey Dodd ‘s course:

    The course fee includes complete design source files in Adobe XD, so it’s not just about development, but you will also learn how to develop based on a design created in a design/prototyping tool.

  3. Sascha says


  4. Blue says

    Try to learn figma first, there should be a lots of learn material you can find on YouTube

  5. Kevin says

    Definitely Corey Dodd’s Oxygen Builder course (above) and/or Jonathan Jernigan’s Ultimate Oxygen course ( for learning Oxygen. However, if you are looking for a design course, then I’d recommend Laura Dunn’s course ( or Mor Cohen’s course (

  6. Ashleigh says

    Thanks yall

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