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Hey there buddies! I just came from Impreza after two years of working on websit

Hey there buddies! I just came from Impreza after two years of working on websites, any hints, tips anything to start with Oxygen very smoothly so I wont refund, anything i should be aware of, any plugins that are really worth buying extra to Oxy(also please tell me why)? Thanks a lot Hope that I can really get on Oxygen fast.

Hai teman-teman di sana! Saya baru saja datang dari Impreza setelah dua tahun bekerja di situs web, petunjuk apa pun, tips apa pun untuk memulai Oksigen dengan sangat lancar sehingga saya tidak akan mengembalikan dana, apa pun yang harus saya ketahui, plugin apa pun yang benar-benar layak dibeli ekstra ke Oxy (juga tolong beri tahu saya mengapa) Terima kasih banyak Semoga saya benar-benar bisa mendapatkan Oksigen dengan cepat.

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  1. Nathan Somsa-ard says

    1. The backend is slow and will get even slower the longer you are working on the website. Closing down the browser and log in again might help.

    2. If you using shape dividers, add css properties { position:relative; overflow:hidden } to the parent container to prevent the shape dividers from jumping around when the first is first loaded.

    3. Oxygen heavily relies on jQuery. So make peace with jQuery.

    4. Create reusable utility CSS classes will speed up your design process.

    5. I like using Snippet plugin (search “snippet”) as a substitute for functions.php. It’s great as both a standalone custom plugin builder and a testing tool for custom PHP functions before migrating codes to a custom plugin.

    6. Set PHP memory limit on php.ini file for the server to at least 512 MB. The default 256 MB caused me too many internal server errors.

    7. When building a multilingual site, I used Polylang and it seems to work fine after I have romanized all page slugs. That is, pages will break if a slug contain non-Latin characters. Many group members also prefer using Translatepress

    8. Make a block containing a repetitive/canonical design into a reusable component. This is a time saver for me, especially for my multilingual project.

    9. My favourite plugin combo is:
    – CPT UI
    – Advanced Custom Field
    – SEOPress
    – Polylang or TranslatePress

    I am following this thread for more recommendations…

  2. Matt Hias says

    Hi Denis, welcome to the group!

    Let’s start with the basics:
    Please take yourself some time to visit the Oxygen YouTube channel.
    You’ll find tons of invaluable tutorial videos there, with so much little helpful details beside the main topic.
    Besides the Oxygen channel there are many other brilliant tutorial videos by genius fellows. Just search youtube for Oxygen plus your question and you’ll get at least 5 hits.

    About add-ons:
    I would recommend to use vanilla Oxygen during the first days. After that you will know what you like and dislike about the standard UI/functionality, and you can have a closer look at the various add-ons. They have some overlapping features.
    I will not recommend any specific add-on here. I think each member of this group has different requirements and preferences and choses which one(s) to use.

    Nathan already gave a lot of additional info, which I (mostly) can confirm.
    Backend performance seems to be an issue for part of the users, while the other part doesn’t have any issues. So don’t get dreaded.
    A Snippet plugin (Code Snippets, My Custom Functionality, Advanced Scripts, …) is more than handy to have. You will come across a lot of solutions that require some snippet.
    PHP memory might be an issue for the more sophisticated sites. I run most of my sites with 128 MB.
    If you plan to create multi-lingual sites I also can highly recommend Polylang.

  3. Mariah Vicary says

    Hydrogen Pack is basically necessary but arguably the only necessary plugin. There are couple others to help with the editor but I agree starting without is the way to go. I’m about 6 months in to my process and the main advice I would give is to choose a framework and then start your learning journey. I have Oxymade (Oxyninja is the other option). Vanilla Oxygen is powerful but once you start using a framework you will basically ignore the oxy builder and mainly use classes. I feel like I wasted a lot of time “learning” the base software.

  4. Mariah Vicary says

    I wanted to add, welcome! I think the software is great and I’m planning to run my whole freelance business with it. Don’t let the negative comments get you down. All web building software has it’s flaws, I’ve done quite a bit of background and know how to build sites from scratch (vue.js) and absolutely think Oxygen Builder is the best out there at balancing ease of use with quality product.

  5. Max Zimmer says

    There are great resources available. I’m on phone so can’t find them easily – I’ll leave it to Google.

    Check out the Oxygen Trello board for tons of resources.

    The Oxy documentation has a bunch of videos, as does YouTube.

    Wpdevdesign by Sridhar Katakam is another popular resource.

    As for plugins, I built Editor Enhancer to provide a bunch of awesome workflow improvements.

  6. Kate Renshaw says

    Check out Digital Ambition’s awesome tutorial videos for some exceptionally useful tips:

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