the answer for all question about Oxygen Builder plugin and WordPress
  1. Scott Blessley says

    Learn WordPress. If you then feel the need for more flexibility than what it provides “out of the box”, learn Oxygen.

  2. Bret Carmichael says

    You don’t need to be technical as long as you’re patient and willing to invest a little time learning. Even if you’re inexperienced, I think you’ll be able to build a blog.

    Start by making a blog post. Put some images and text in it. Then, create a template in Oxygen, and start messing around with stiles. Next, you can create your blog archive. Skip the whole easy posts thing. Instead, add a repeater.

  3. Adam J. Humphreys says

    Their templating video is critical to your success. Somehow of the 20+ hours of random videos from Kevin G’s Digital Ambition to “Hey it’s Luis from Soffly” and that was really the one video everyone absolutely has to watch (introductory templating).

  4. Sumit Singh says

    You can check it out existing demo.

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