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I am using rank math and in the security option it says: that the plugin from my website “oxygen” are publicly visible.
So question here it this normal while using oxygen?
or have i do some security work to hide the plug in?


  1. Niko Hannula says

    It depends what Rank Math means by this.
    However if you try to access you should be getting a 403 Forbidden error. If you can see some files there you have a security issue – the server should be blocking all public access to those folders.

  2. Davor Mlinarić says

    some plugins load some assets from folder where is installed, by view source you can see folder name aswell plugin name. but, to prevent opening folder and to see files you should disable directory listing.

  3. Emilio Mummer says

    Thank you for the advice, I tested, and it says forbidden: no permission…
    Therefore, it seems to be alright. I just dont want to have any open door opened

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