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I have build a header and footer on oxygen. How can I apply them to show on all my posts, pages? I have build it as page. Sorry to say Am new to oxygen.


Saya telah membangun sundulan dan kaki pada oksigen. Bagaimana saya bisa menerapkannya untuk ditampilkan di semua postingan saya, halaman? Saya telah membangunnya sebagai halaman. Maaf untuk mengatakan saya baru untuk oksigen.

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  1. Amanda Lucas says

    If you’ve created a template – ensure there’s an “inner content” element between your header and footer and ensure template is set to “catch all”. I would recommend watching the videos from Oxygen re templates as this will help you greatly.

  2. Bill Moran says

    The short answer is to build a template of the header and footer and make it a catch all.

    The longer answer is to watch the basic tutorial videos. They’re totally worth it and will keep you out of a few missteps.

  3. Ramon Horst says

    Thinks you can save the header and footer as reusable elements and import them in a newly created template. After setting the template you remove them from the pages.

  4. Dylan Voerman says I highly recommend to watch youtube and learn that’s more possible .

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