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It has nothing to do with Oxy. Could you mind telling me how many websites/projects you can manage as a freelancer? I was just thinking about how to price a brosureware website/small site for a month or a year. It would be ideal to have a low volume with a high price, but the reality is that people always want something cheap.


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  1. Christine says

    Worked 7 years at companies, this year is my first year as a freelancer (Webdesign, SEO and social media). So I see myself as a junior web agency and do it by trial and error for the first year. That means I’ll go the first year cheaper, but won’t stay that cheap. I’ll build up references, connections, confidence and experience. So that’s okay with me “being” cheap for the first year. I am right now maintaining 3 websites, building one, got two companies for SEO and one for social media. And that’s enough workload for me. Got asked by a few others, but I declined.

  2. Riku says

    I just checked and I have 34 sites under my MainWP panel. 95% of the customer do not require other maintaining than just updating their plugins etc and taking care of backups. 5% wants changes to be done every now and then (invoiced separately by hour).

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