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Hi! A beginner question here.

Hi! A beginner question here.

Is there any way I can apply template to only a specific children category?

For example, from the screenshot, I have clothing as a parent category, and accessories etc. as children categories. I want this template to apply to all of these children category (don’t need the parent).

Right now, I need to select each children category one by one which if I create new children, I’ll need to come back to the template and add it one by one (even when I tried choosing the parent category, the template only rendered the parent, not the children under it).

So Is there any way I can choose all of the children in this clothing category without needing to pick one by one?

Currently, I have 2 different templates which are shop archives -> renders all product and all categories, and this template with a higher priority to render only these specific children category.



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