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Hi all,

Hi all,

I start my first website with Oxygen after realizing a lot of websites with Elementor. I want to reduce load times of my future websites to reduce ecologic impact. I’m very excited to start and i wanted to know your advices with Oxygen and updates. I don’t want to have bad surprises with futures releases. Have you good experience with Oxygen updates/upgrades on your clients websites ? And what about site migration process ? With Elementor i haven’t any problem with sites migrations, domain name change etc… Have you good experience with this process ?
Thanks for your replies.


  1. André Beltrame says

    I don’t know why, but I always have a lot of suprises with oxygen migrations. Sometimes I lost parts of the site and need to copy/pastle manually. I’ve using the same way from elementor migration. Keep your backups!

  2. Isabelle de Maublanc says

    Je commence à avoir fait pas mal de sites avec Oxygen et aucun pb pour les migrer. Parfois il faut ajouter qq étapes ( mais j’ai toujours réussi à migrer. Sinon aussi tu peux nous rejoindre :

  3. Eric Embacher says

    I’ve been using Oxygen for over a year and updates have never caused an issue fortunately (although they’re not very frequent). However every migration from a staging to production domain is a gamble whether it is going to work or not (about half the time huge chunks of the site will be missing after the migration). And this is after following the official migration guide. Be careful…coming from Elementor (like I did) you may want to consider Bricks…

  4. Bob Kodi says

    ideally you should be using a staging environment to test updates.

    In regards to migrations you can use all in one migrations and you will have to resign shortcodes in the Oxygen settings.

  5. Kevin Geary says

    I’ve never had a migration issue with oxygen. It’s not a gamble if you know what you’re supposed to do.

  6. John Aperture says

    I have been using All in One and haven’t had any trouble. Doubley do the permalinks, sign shortcodes, regenerate CSS.

  7. Benoit Bouyé says

    Reading your comments, I think i make the good choice with Oxygen. I’ll come back here with my first site made with it. Thanks for your replies.

  8. Demetre Minchev says

    I can do a full site migration in about 10 min flat including signing all shortcodes and activating all licenses..

    Never had an issue in about 100 migrations. Usually the issues are with hosting and not oxygen.

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