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Hi all,

Hi all,

I have a site I started working on in a folder on the Web host, for reasons I have to do I need to move the WordPress oxygen site from x#@*.com/test to a subdomain site.x#@*.com. Now I’ve tried all ways to get the site across I’m on siteground so tried their application move and then there migration tool, nothing worked site looks broken (css I think is issue also missing divs so tried duplicator plugin which was recommended, site transfered with all plugins and site checks were all green, checked the site same as before. Question is, does a site not transfer well if using oxygen?

If other plugins are better for moving a wordpress installation please share, I’ve been on with this for 3 hours now…


  1. Harry Thomas says

    You can try uploading the old site wp-content folder to the staging server; doing a search/replace on the (exported) MYSQL file URLs and uploading it via PHPMyAdmin; then using the Velvet Blues Update URLs plugin to fix any wayward URLs.

  2. Filippo Ponzetti says

    That’s absolutely normal. Please have a look to this link:

  3. Carolyn Breninger says


  4. Udoro 'Cracka' Essien says

    What’s the size of your website?

  5. John Tankard says

    Hi guys, Jamie Owens answer sorted it thank you, awesome forum..
    ☺ ☺ ☺

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