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Hi all!

Hi all!
I’m a new user and have been trying to work this issue out for hours (I’ve watched just about every tutorial I can find).

I’m having issues with the opacity of the images I’m uploading because the images are syncing with the background which is at 0.6 opacity.

The way I’ve set the page up was by making a template (which features the opaque background within an inner content block) > using that template to make the page > adding the image into the inner content block.

When I add the image in I can see it separately in the structure but when I try to change the opacity of either, they both change together.

Any ideas?


  1. Niko Strobel says

    My guess would be that you didn’t change the opacity of the background, but of the section itself. So everything you add to the section (text as well) will have the same opacity.

    If you provide an URL here it could help

  2. Johanna Van de Mortel says

    Try not styling the inner content in the template, only add the IC block and do the styling on the page itself, see if that changes anything?

  3. Ulf Parczyk says

    Perhaps you changed a class with opacity? Just an idea….

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