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Hi all,

Hi all,
I have had an enquiry and am due to have a meeting in the next few days. I would like to try and go in as prepared as possible so am doing a bit of research before speaking with them.
This client is a promotional printer – think pens, coffee mugs, stubby coolers, shirts, etc.
What they would like is an online store where a purchaser can upload a file – let’s say a jpeg image to keep it simple – that would need to fit minimum specs that could then be used to print onto their promotional items.
Before I start looking into the hard way of doing this (manually building a plugin or add-on – which is above my pay grade…), does anyone know of any suitable plugin/add-ons for Woocommerce that would achieve something like this?
If WooCommerce is not the best option, please feel free to suggest other options that might be suitable.


  1. Tendai Mutemi says

    Incl. custom functionality in your quotation.

    What I’d do if I were you is contact a freelance developer on upwork or fiverr to get a better understanding of how that particular function would need to be incorporated + total cost as well.

    Add that cost into your quote 🙂

  2. Levi Guillory says

    Check out fancy product. It’s going to take a bit of reading, looking to see if this meets your needs.

  3. Sunil Wu says

    Personally I think you might need to look wider than woocommerce for this.

    There are a number of print-on-demand services that offer woocommerce integrations… but that’s not what you want.

    I suggest looking at what existing print stores do. Check out their tooling. Chances are that you will discover that they don’t use WooCommerce.

    I suggest framing yourself not so much as a webdev for this project, but a consultant for solving business problems. Look at the problem without trying to think about how to shoehorn the solution into a technology that you are already familiar with.

  4. Sunil Wu says

    Also, you might want to look at how those automated fulfullment services work in practice:

    Is there a human being somewhere in the process that looks at the actual uploaded image? Maybe a staff member who eyeballs the image to make sure it isn’t a blatant copyright violation and that it is print quality?

  5. James Taylor says

    I built myself a site like this for printing custom coffee mugs. There is a plugin that handles exactly this very well. If memory serves it uses woocommerce to process orders and payments. It was a few years ago that I stopped that business, so I’ll have to have a look on google and drop another comment if I can find the plugin. Something like custom product designer/creator ….

  6. James Taylor says

    There are probably new developments in this field since I got the plugin I used. You’ll find a bunch of options here

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