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Hi all,

Hi all,

I just finished a new Oxy build and before the announcement, would very much appreciate it if you could let me know of any issues.

EDITS: Upon receiving feedback, I changed the links on the homepage to the whole box, corrected a z-index issue on the hero section, and solved the issue with google maps.


  1. André Babiak says

    Nice (on mobile)

  2. Jasper Frumau says

    Looking good. Only remake so far checking mobile is that logo is partly hard to read due to closeness of background color and “dr professor” guess it is an older logo from before the site

  3. Chris Boyce says

    Back To Top Button is a must for customer experience 👍

  4. Tolga Cagin says

    Hi Mehmet Koçali, strongly recommend audit your mobile performance, lighthouse report performance score for mobile is really low, except that very clean nice design, very good job, congratulations

  5. Mohammed Wasim Akram says

    It looks beautiful on mobile 🤩

    Just the cards are asking for little bit more padding.

  6. Lyle Dove says

    I might say on the front page, on hover, have the arrows point towards the picture they are referencing. That would lead the eyes of the visitor to where they are intended to look a bit more. 🙂

  7. Dani Ibnu Alfatoni says

    Very very nicee

  8. Владимир Кеймар says

    Let me give you some advice on improving your site from the point of view of its user.
    You have made it possible to click on the “additional information” link only when you click on this small text. But it is much more convenient for the user to click on the entire block if he wants to see the details.
    I try to wrap the entire block with a link, and not just the text “read more”
    And… Why didn’t you want to make the text in the hero section a text, but made it a picture?

  9. Yıldırım Sertbas says

    As a pure user experience, the mobile version is almost perfect. (Not tested with any tool). Congrats 👍

  10. Cristian Nichifor says

    I really like the header and the bottom contact menu. Would love to know how you did it 😊 Otherwise it looks awesome.

  11. Firat Sekerli says

    Nice job. Can I ask how you did the fly out menu on the right bottom?

  12. Vinod Kp says

    what are you using for appointment booking?

  13. Terris Ng says

    that is some really good mobile optimization

  14. Juguetes Jaku says

    Well done but I would like to advice you two changes. First: make all the divs with the same height.

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