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Hi all,

Hi all,

I’ve got WooCommerce woes I’m afraid!

I’ve added the woocomerce plugin to this site I’m working on and allowed the plugin to automatically create the default Shop, Cart, Checkout etc pages and I’ve used the Oxygen WooCommerce add-on and themed up the page using a repeater to display the products and it all works great in the backend and displays perfectly when I click the “Frontend” button in Oxygenbuilder too but when I log out and open the page it displays all the blogposts instead. Any idea what I may have done wrong? 🙂 I used a refular header, featured image, Excerpt and then went into the Add->WooCOmmerce->Price and the same for the add to cart button.


  1. Matt Yabs says

    Have you updated your permalinks and/or htaccess file?

  2. Paul Randall says

    I’ve set the permalinks to Page Name but I’m serving it in Local by flywheel on my machine here so not touched the .htaccess file.

  3. Kristoffer Krisj Nygård says

    Dont know if this is relatable, but worth a try.

    1. Did you put the woocommerce items inside “Product builder”?

    2. Can you set template priority to a higher number?

    Just suggestions you could try 🙂

  4. Paul Randall says

    Thanks. I’ll try it tomorrow and see if I get some success with your suggestion. 🙂

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