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Hi all,

Hi all,
I wonder how to make sound effect using Oxygen. I would like to play a sound when mouse over an object. And play a different sound when click on the same object. Please help

Hai semua,
Saya bertanya-tanya bagaimana cara membuat efek suara menggunakan Oksigen. Saya ingin bermain suara ketika tikus di atas objek. Dan memainkan suara yang berbeda ketika klik pada objek yang sama. Mohon bantuannya

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  1. Jennifer Beam says

    Oh gosh.. don’t do this.

  2. Barry Smith says

    You could make your own sound effects when the editor does not load quickly, or you forget to save your work, those sound effects are the best ones 🙂

  3. Steffen Larsen says

    A code Block with html and javascript. ☺️

  4. David Graham says

    Note that Chrome and other chromium browsers do not allow any audio to play unless the user has interacted with – generally meaning clicked on – the page. This prevents autoplaying sounds in background tabs which users *hate* but also prevents things like autoplay videos with sound unless the user actively clicks to start them.

  5. Gerson El says

    Use Flash. It’s cool. 😎

  6. Esther Veldstra says

    You don’t.
    Honestly. There’s nothing more effective in making sure no one uses your site than sound.

  7. Thompson-Kelvin ReDeving-com says
  8. Thompson-Kelvin ReDeving-com says
  9. David Work says

    2nd most comments here. Unwanted sounds are site killers.

  10. Nick Roberts says

    A screaming orgasm sound always catches people out. Not saying I know what they sound like 😜 just used to know a guy who would tag people in videos and as you are sat there watching tv with your wife, all of a sudden this very load moaning starts!!!
    Explain that one !!!🤪

  11. Thompson-Kelvin ReDeving-com says

    OP is asking how to do something, not business advice.

  12. Craig Tran says

    Thanks for the info!

  13. Adam J. Humphreys says

    Wait, did flash just come back lol?

  14. Andrew Mckim says

    How do you like it when random noises start emanating from your computer when you start maneuvering around? Also, how would you like it if you visited a website and it started playing music right away without your consent?

    I’m willing to bet if you meditate on this long enough you’ll probably do yourself the favor of removing this post … No one will judge you.

  15. Matt Yabs says

    I don’t know how to do that but you can click HERE to make a clicking sound. Try it.

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