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  1. Barry Smith says

    Grid builder would be the best way. Ad a DIV, inside add 4 x DIV’s, the outer DIV, set to GRid and then you can set columns to something like 7, set the first nested div 3 span 3, second to span, 4, 3rd to span 4 and 4th to span 3, you should get that outcome you have shown.

  2. Barry Smith says

    That took me the best part of 1 minute to achieve, brilliant feature. Then all you do is for mobile sizes etc add grid and change settings

  3. Simon Potter says

    Thank you Barry Smith that looks like it will work perfectly 🙂 This group is so good!!

  4. Paul Knowler says

    Or just a div with two more divs inside it flexing horizontally and another underneath the same?

  5. Md. Ahsan Habib Forayeji says

    Just use a parent div with flex property with wrap. Add 4 chuld div. Use height as needed, first one width 60% or as need, second one else to make total 100%. Same for the third and forth.

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