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Hi all,

Hi all,
I have a question
I wrote a small JS script that gets all the headings in a blog/page and creates an index table table on the top of the page.
I have a specific template in O2 for blogs. The text (innercontent) is autogenerated from the wordpress editor. Meaning I set my text using the classic wordpress editor … which is then auto inserted in the innercontent section.
If add a codeblock with that JS in the blog template would it work or does the JS needs to be entered in the Innercontent itself?
Thanks for your help in advance.
Cheers Mike


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  1. David says

    It will work.

  2. Catherine says

    Hi Mike. Would you mind sharing with me if this works. DM the url if you don’t want to post. I’m wanting to do similar and started to research yesterday. I am not sure if I’ll need to use a plug-in but interested to see how your solution works.

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