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Hi everybody,

Hi everybody,
I would be greatly helped with more examples to use the advanced Query Builder and handle online query examples.
It would help a lot if some standard presets for woocommerce applications are also created in the next release… 😉

For example, I’m not sure how to create the query below, specifically the post_type array….

$params = array(
‘posts_per_page’ => 5,
‘post_type’ => array(‘product’, ‘product_variation’),
‘meta_key’ => ‘_sale_price’,
‘meta_value’ => 0,
‘meta_compare’ => ‘>=’
‘meta_type’ => ‘NUMERIC’

My goal is to display all products / product variations that are on sale in my repeater. Maybe someone can take a screenshot, or do you have any other tips to help me.

Greetings from Amsterdam, Jay


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