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Hi, everyone.

Hi, everyone.
Looking for some JS help here, I got brain freeze.

Attaching a video addressing what I need help with:

** Only one category can be selected at a time **
1. If a selected category is clicked and selected, it needs to be hidden if clicked again and shown if not selected and should go back to original state/look and the submenu to the right should need to be hidden.
2. If another category is selected the previously selected category should return to its original state and hide its submenu.
3. If megamenu closes selected category should return to its original state and the submenu will be hidden.


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  1. Christoffer BjΓΆrkman says

    This is the jQuery I’ve got right now, mainly for design review purposes:

    jQuery(“.product-category a”).click(function(){

    jQuery(this).children(“h2”).css(“color”, “#005cd9”)
    jQuery(this).children(“img”).css(“border”, “1px solid #005cd9”)

    var menyval = jQuery(this).find(“.woocommerce-loop-category__title”).text().trim().toLowerCase();
    jQuery(“#”+ menyval +”-meny”).css(“display”, “flex”);


    jQuery(“#text_block-346-10”).text(‘Vilken typ av ‘ + jQuery(this).text() + “?”);
    jQuery(“#”+ menyval +”-meny, #text_block-346-10″).fadeIn(600);


    jQuery(“#div_block-459-10”).css(“display”, “flex”);

    jQuery(“#div_block-459-10”).css(“display”, “none”);

    jQuery(“#div_block-475-10”).css(“display”, “flex”);

    jQuery(“#div_block-475-10”).css(“display”, “none”);

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