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Hi everyone!

Hi everyone!
I need some help! I’ve created a template for my CPT but after watching Kevin’s video on using conditions and acf, I decided to only have the main template. Now I’m selecting different header options for the page.
It’s working perfectly on every page but my CPT page. It just won’t show the header no matter what I select. If I change the url for the page it works, so that made me think I may need to apply this acf to the post type specifically, but not sure if I’m doing it correctly 🤔
My CPT is called Agenda and I’m having issues with www . domain . com/agenda

Any ideas on where I need to apply and select the acf to get it to work?
Thank you!

Ps. This is the video I’m talking about:


  1. Juliana Toriello says

    actually having trouble with my category archive pages too 😞

  2. Davide Del Gatto says

    Hey Juliana Toriello could you please share the Kevin’s video? I guess you have some issue with templates priority.
    Anyway, what is your goal? What do you wanna show on this page “agenda”??

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