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Hi Everyone,

Hi Everyone,
Struggling with custom query for repeater, for some reason just can’t wrap my head around it.
What I started of with atm is:
post_type=product&posts_per_page=3&&no_found_rows=true$orderby =menu_order&order=DESC
Which is great for general wooproducts pull, but not what I need as products-list does that already and it’s easy to style out of the box as is.
However I want to additionally pull only specific wooproducts on sale, best selling , top rated in the footer and just can’t figure out how to write the query.
Tried inserting [sale_products] or [best_selling_products] or [top_rated_products], each time I get regular posts parsed instead of wooproducts when I do that.
Yes I am aware I can do this with the oxygenproducts list, however due to my needs that is not efficient as it will require me to write extra custom css styling which I would like to avoid if possible.
If anyone can offer a solution would be great,
Thank you in advance


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