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Hi everyone, has anyone use Oxygen to build a large website?

Hi everyone, has anyone use Oxygen to build a large website?

Can you give me any advice what should I be careful of when building a large website with oxygen … I usually build a custom theme and custom plugin … but this time I want to use Oxygen


  1. Zbynek Smetana says

    Make copies of the entire page after each major change … all in one, duplicator ect. You will sleep well.

  2. Adam Tang says

    Collaboration plugin is the key.

  3. Bricke Van Daele says

    what do you call large ?

  4. Firat Sekerli says

    Plan out before and make sure to define the same elements to be used on several pages. When designing the common elements, always assign a class to each of the element, so it will be easy to get the styles you want later. Also, make sure you have a good template structure.

  5. Pk Gibson says

    Thank you all 😊

  6. Hugh Colohan says

    I’ve used Oxygen + Formidable Forms to build a medical web app that’s currently serving hundreds of users. Realistically it’s not ideal, and we’re now rebuilding it in Vue+Laravel, but it works pretty fucking well all things considered

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