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Hi everyone. Just started using oxygen recently and I love it! There are so many

Hi everyone. Just started using oxygen recently and I love it! There are so many great ways to build with it, but I do see a few things missing. One of them being a way to add forms. Is it me, or does it seem like that would definitely be a big hit. Is there a reason why that feature is missing?


  1. Robert Chan says

    Idk search the group for previous discussions on this topic

  2. Stephen Donald Petersen says

    Use a form addon and Selector Detector to help style it. A formbuilder would be nice though.

  3. Travis Perreira says

    Other builders have forms, but they are thin on functionality, so you may need to install an additional plugin anyway. Ommitting it allows Oxygen to improve upon existing features and add new ones.

  4. Peadar Mac Niallais says

    Leave forms to the dedicated form plugins imo

  5. Ivan Climb Messina says

    Use cf7 or any other form plugin. I’m with those saying that if makes no sense to have a form in the builder

  6. Victoria Neu says

    Shortcode element and a few lines CSS to style work fine. OxyExtras has a Fluent Forms integration to style forms in the builder.

  7. John McBade says

    Pretty much any of the WordPress based forms work and depending upon your requirements for such a feature, you have so many choices. You could also do this with a custom fields tool like ACF or Metabox.

    Since I own an LTD of Formidable Forms Pro I often use that. It’s a bit like Oxygen in that you can quickly create simple forms and use a shortcode to add the form or if you are so inclined, you can get really into it and create actual web apps like you might do with ACF or Metabox. If you go the ACF route, be sure to check out even the free version of ACF Extended s it has a form component also.

  8. Michael White says

    I understand a run of the mill form but if you start with it then you will get ” why won’t it do this, what won’t it do that” so best just to leave it out, there are plenty of plugins that do it, why would you make yourself a burger, when you live next to a burger restaurant

  9. Carolyn Breninger says

    Fluent Forms 👍

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