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Hi everyone, we’re looking for two full-time Oxygen devs to help us build out our marketing pages in

Hi everyone, we’re looking for two full-time Oxygen devs to help us build out our marketing pages incredibly fast. The yearly salary is $70-80k USD and we provide equity, medical insurance, 401k matching, unlimited PTO, and you can be remote. Requirements are:

– Can speak fluent English and communicate on Slack and Notion
– Very logical and engineering-brained.
– Has at least 5 hours of total time overlap with normal EST working hours
– Understands how to build responsive webpages and how to work with designers.
– Has familiarity with Figma
– Has worked in Oxygen for at least six months and WordPress for at least a year, with beautifully designed or intricate websites as part of their portfolio
– Should understand long-term and SEO implications of plugins, and should be able to follow the structure built by our senior front end devs
– Understands when to use templates and how to integrate with ACF like the back of their hand

We’re a 30 person team, growing to 90 in the next year, that will invest a lot in your growth. Our engineering team is filled with people that’ve built large scale applications.

If you’re interested, please message me with what you’re most proud of building with Oxygen and WordPress!


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  1. Andres says

    Hi Harnek, wow, congrats that you are growing so fast.

    Regarding your job offer, I wonder if I can have more info about the company?

    I found the job position very interesting. 💯

  2. Ian says

    Sent you a private message

  3. Martin says

    I think you might be better off placing it here or here
    Just a thought.

  4. Cesar says

    Is U.S. work authorization required?

    I’m authorized but I ask for a friend who’s not and I wonder if I can refer him too.


  5. George says

    Oxygen Builder Freelancers For Hire

  6. Nathan says

    I’m interested….. in your growth and how you have accomplished it 😀

  7. Jill says

    I wish!

  8. Alex says

    Hi Harnek . I see you live you in Broomfield. I hope you weren’t too affected by the fires. I am local and fit all the requirements you listed. Would love to speak to you further about it.


  9. Luis says

    Hi Harnek Gulati, i’ve sent you dm, please check it on message request, Thank you.

  10. Benoit says

    10 plus year of experience in Web development

  11. Prabal says

    Sent you a pm. Please check. Thank you.

  12. Jaswinder says

    Harnek Gulati Check inbox please.

  13. Louis says

    Tweet this and @ mention and we’ll retweet it. Elijah Mills

  14. Sajal says

    Sent pm

  15. Rab says

    Pm sent

  16. Pradeep says

    Pm sent

  17. S. says

    Wow! That’s so accurately described! I’ll look forward to it if you need an SEO Strategist

  18. Sumit says

    I’m interested!. Check inbox please

  19. Ripal says

    Hi Harnek Gulati , please check you inbox

  20. Tomi says

    Interested. Harnek Gulati I sent you a PM.

  21. Michele says

    I sent you a PM, please check you inbox 😃

  22. Pedro says

    Hi Harnek, just sent you a DM. Let’s work!

  23. Gorakh says

    Sent you a DM

  24. Abdul-rasaq says

    Harnek Gulati do you by chance need an executive assistant or project manager?

  25. Rennzo says

    Sent pm

  26. Agic says

    private msg sent

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