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Hi fellas, a client would like me to build a site for them. They do not want me

Hi fellas, a client would like me to build a site for them. They do not want me to manage or have admin access after that as they are able to manage the site themselves (fine by me). I will be using the following premium plugins for them

Oxygen builder

My question is, if i finish the site, remove the license key for each plugin and hand it over. would the site still be functional for them in the sense that…

a) there will be no issues on the front end UI (oxygen builder, automatic.css works as per normal)
b) they can change the existing content for ACF and it will still populate

How does removing plugin licenses impact wordpress sites? Thanks!


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  1. Julian says

    I would make them provide a license for each of them. They gonna screw you whenever a security whole is found and you get the blame.

  2. Tilen says

    Do your work, urge on a client that licences need to be purchased by them, replace licence keys with the one client received, do the hands off.

  3. Uditha says

    I don’t think oxygen composite elements works after removing license. Never checked by the way. And only license they can find is Oxygen. Others are not visible in inspect as my knowledge. Not 100%. So in that case Oxygen license is the issue. If you are not using composite elements then there won’t a issue keeping license

  4. Noel says

    Yeah just get their own licenses.

  5. Adam says

    Buy them a license.

  6. Esther says

    I think the composite elements used on the site will work just fine, as they’re basically pre-styled and combined normal elements, but you won’t be able to add any new ones.

  7. Ziyuan says

    They are on quite a tight budget, wouldn’t be able to add the license. So would anyone know the impact if I handover a website without any licenses? I know these aren’t the best kind of clients to target but I’m fairly new to the game and don’t mind building sites for relatively cheap rates right now.

  8. Malak says

    Thats a good question. I have a client that is. not paying me for the work done and delivered. and i want to remove my licence keys and i have no idea of the impact on the website. So following

  9. David says

    Always find it bemusing that customers are unable to create a website themselves, yet they are perfectly capable of running it once it’s been created.

  10. Bret says

    With my recommendation, I assume the following:
    1. You have the lifetime Agency license of Oxygen (unlimited domains).
    2. Your Automatic.css license is also lifetime for unlimited domains.
    3. You are paying annually for ACF.

    If the above is true:
    1. Leave the Oxygen license.
    2. Leave the Automatic CSS license.
    3. Give them a link to the ACF site, and have them buy the license.

    1 and 2 are cost of doing business. They also let you provide more value which should be built-in to your quote.

  11. Jonathan says

    I think you’re trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.

    If they dont have a budget, then why not got at it a different way – customize a theme. Use the money to get more portfolio pieces, then get a better paying client and then consider Oxygen builder.

  12. Ric says

    I’d leave the licenses in place.

    They’re commissioning you to make a website (for a specific URL). It’s up to you which tools you use. If you choose to use tools that make your life easier, why not leave them in place, especially given that you (presumably) have LTD’s.

    If they move the site or change the URL the licenses will naturally expire and need to be re-entered , so the scope of license usage is very limited. It’s not like you’re really giving anything away, so there’s no additional cost to you.

    Your T&C’s or contact should be transparent, clearly illustrating the scope of your ongoing commitment and any obligations you and the client have to each other.

  13. John says

    But you have a licence for unlimited sites so I don’t see the problem. Any sites using your licence would show up in your account. You can decide what to do if a new site suddenly appears. A licence is a licence and it will always belong to you.

  14. Travis says

    I would have them purchase their own licenses.

  15. Max says

    Have them pay for their own licenses.

  16. Solomon says

    Have you already agreed on what you’ll charge? If not add $100-$200 additional to cover letting them use your lic software. For sites I typically have a clause saying a deposit of $500 if other software is needed, and if I don’t need it or only use some of it for dev, I take the difference off of the final invoice.

    This way you’re covered for unexpected expenses without lowering your overall revenue for the job and you can feel good that you didn’t lower your profit margin in the end.

    It also keeps you from having to go back and explain to the client you need an extra money for something the client didn’t necessarily request.

  17. Mariah says

    To be honest it sounds like you should use a different page builder for them, an all in one solution. Sometimes clients don’t know exactly what they need but if they’re that low-budget and want to maintain it personally with no licenses you shouldn’t use oxygen builder.

  18. David says

    Lack of updates aren’t the only thing your client loses out on if they don’t have their own license — they won’t have anyone to contact for support. There are some FB groups that handle a lot of support issues (this group as an example for Oxygen), but you can’t guarantee it. They’d be better off to keep your LTD license, and pay you a small maintenance fee to act as an intermediary for support requests or agree to pay you an hourly rate for support (including tickets with the plugin vendor) after you hand it over.

  19. Ryan says

    i would not build this in oxygen. they only think they can edit it themselves. you’ll never get away from it or get paid for the additional help you’ll have to provide

  20. Omar says

    Automatic css is for??? Css clases? Or what?

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