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  1. Rob Barrett says

    The logo doesn’t show on my phone. But maybe try a SVG

  2. Alan Gunning says

    use an SVG instead of png – this will be super sharp at any size

  3. Johan de Jong says

    The original image used in the header is 3037×1904 pixels, while only 100×63 pixels is shown. This results in the browser to downscale it for you, resulting in a bad resolution.

    To fix this; use Photoshop (or similar) and create a new images with the correct (or very close) size. This way the sharpness is way better, and can be modified in Photoshop to your liking.

  4. Roman Mohar says

    Cool designs 🙂

  5. Carlos Vaquero says

    Hi guys, at the end I installed SAFE SVG plugin and upload an SVG file as the logo and now looks awesome!! Any other options to use SVG but without plugins? Thank!!!

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