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Hi guy’s ,

Hi guy’s ,

Hope all of you doing good.

Just need a suggestion.. my client have an e-com site on shopify with around 40 products & 20 pages. (Pretty much basic)

They want to move out from shopify.

What you guys prefer for this kind of project?

Oxy+woo or some other alternatives like Magento, Presta Shop, etc.

Waiting for your valuable suggestions..

Thank you


  1. Muneeb says

    If its a simple store i think you should think about oxy+woo if you need any help regarding i can help.

  2. Nikita Severin says

    40 products is the optimal amount for woo. So I think you can safely take this project

  3. Cipo Web says

    Curious did they mention the main issues why they want to move?

  4. Sumit Singh says

    Woo is very best for you as per you mentioned above.

  5. Marcel Darvas says

    Woo is perfect for this. Good hosting and you should be fine!

  6. Jeffrey Phillips says

    One thing that’s not discussed about these sites is collecting sales tax, which can get complicated depending upon where you are. Building a store and running a store are two different things. It may bear looking into combining a SEO-friendly site with a Shopify store.

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