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Hi guys!

Hi guys!

Wanted to share a website I’ve made with Oxygen(Almost done). (it’s in dutch)

This actually my first website I designed and developed (I’m primarily a motion-designer), so I’ve had to learn a few things along the way(webdesign, WordPress and oxygen), so there will probably a few (or alot) of mistakes in there.

One thing I struggle with is the pagespeed for mobile that I can’t seem to be getting 90+.

Any feedback would be appreciated!


  1. Eduware Izekor says

    Vimeo is really affecting your speed on mobile. There are other ways to embed video. You could try doing it locally. Make sure the file size stays small. I think this will significantly boost your speed on desktop and mobile.

    Maybe you can find a way to delay the Vimeo video from firing. That might also work.

  2. Robin Kesting says

    Ziet er mooi uit man!

  3. Barry Smith says

    Very nice site, well done.

  4. Gian Reto Pedolin says

    Great job 👍

  5. Bricke Van Daele says

    Mooie website! Enkel zit er een foutje in je mobiele menu naar de pagina “arbeidsconsulent” (via footer werkt het wel).

  6. Bradley Hibbard says

    That is slick!

  7. Steve Rozga says

    Arbeidconsule over runs into Project

  8. Bret Carmichael says

    Nice work! 👏

  9. Lwazi Lwenkosi says

    Great stuff. My kind of website. You may want to move the downarrow a bit…

  10. Cynthia Vanoirbeek says

    Mooie website, er zijn enkel een deel links die niet lijken te werken, maar dat is misschien omdat je nog in productie bent? Enkel de breadcrumbs op mobile lijken soms wat groot, maar dat is mogelijks persoonlijke smaak ;)?

  11. Juguetes Jaku says

    Very clean website! What did you use to create the menu?

  12. Dhiman Rinku says

    I need Menu like yours . Please guide

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