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Hi guys,

Hi guys,

I’m really starting to get discouraged with Oxygen, it’s been full of crazy bugs lately.

I’ve built a homepage and included the screenshot, if I go to the URL of this page it’s all ok.

When I click on Edit on Oxygen I don’t see anything anymore, my whole site is destroyed….

Can someone explain to me what is going on?


  1. André Babiak says

    It’s matching the topic looking damaged und hurt.

  2. Dave Kirkpatrick says

    Is the structure panel (DOM) also blank? If so you’re best bet without a backup is to contact support. Although my experiences have been shortcode got corrupted, and nothing they could do to revive it.

  3. Георги Драмчев says

    In WordPress I use mainly Oxygen. And it’s not full of crazy bugs at all! What other plugins do you use? Some caching? Sometimes work like that when you are using Autoptimize.

  4. James Lee says

    What version are you using?

    Have you resigned the shortcodes

  5. Nikita Severin says

    Try disabling the shortcode checker and editing the page again.

  6. Elwood El-Rayes says

    Do you have a modal? Is the modal overlayed on top of the page?

  7. Nataša Kukovič says

    are you using motion effects? Sometimes everything dissapears because of them but there is a code that solves that.

  8. Matt Yabs says

    That website is so full of bugs, even the woman in the picture looks like she has caught some of them. 😁

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