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Hi Guys!

Hi Guys!

Just a quick message to first of all say a big thank you to everyone who have joined OxyBuildChallenge (over 200 members already!) and also to people who have submitted entries for our first challenge sponsored by Jonathan Jernigan at Permaslug WordPress Professionals! (Prize up for grabs!).

Second, we’d just like to let you know that this month’s challenge will finish on the 9th Sept., so if you’re thinking about taking part, we’d like to give a friendly reminder to try and get your entries in soon in order to get some votes, and to all the current and future members, we’d be grateful if you could vote on the entries before then, too! We’ve had some great submissions so far, go have a look!

Appreciate all the feedback we’ve received for this project so far, Taylor and I are working to bring you some more stuff soon!


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  1. Pedro says

    Awesome Luke!! I’ve seen the submissions! 10 already! Really cool. And already voted in most, will try to vote in all of them! 😉 Congrats to the team! Taylor and Luke! Looking forward to seeing who the winner is.

  2. Will says

    Participating. Probably submit at 11:59..

  3. Michel says

    It is a great initiative. I voted in all submissions, although I don’t have enough time to submit my work, unfortunately. I was wondering how you’re going to do the math here. I suppose that first submissions will naturally get more votes which gives them an advantage, right?

  4. Davor says

    👾🐘💨👣🦨 forgot about this 🙁

  5. Cynthia says

    Wouldn’t it be better to only start voting after submission closes? So for example after it closes you can vote for 7 days than voting stops and the winner is announced? That seems like a much more fair way??

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