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Hi guys,

Hi guys,

I have a (hopefully) tiny issue and hope you can help:

1) I use metabox to generate posts (job openings).
2) Each post has an opening number (job opening) I would like to use on the application form (fluent form).

The aim is to see all posts. Clicking on one will open the detail page. On the details page is a button “apply now”. This opens a fluent form to receive data from the applicants. The opening number should be displayed on the form but also explored into the linked Google Sheet (plus in the PDF-Mail attachment generated by fluent form).

Any idea how to archive it?
I am not an PHP expert by all means. Managed to get the value from the job opening using rwmb_meta( ‘kennziffer’ ) to a variable. On the page, with the form, it is already empty again.

Thanks in advance


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