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Hi guys, can someone confirm if it’s me or my client being unreasonable? They’re querying the solid

Hi guys, can someone confirm if it’s me or my client being unreasonable? They’re querying the solid 2 hours that I billed for trying to move a text element from one div to another in the structure panel.



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  1. Dan says

    No that’s definitely you mate

  2. Michael says

    Upgrade oxygen 🤣

  3. Resham says

    At that rate, your projects must be in the 15M$ mark considering your ‘eye for details’ 😂

  4. Annie says

    Yeah, that’s on you. Not your client’s fault it took you that long to figure it out

  5. Mark says

    Wondering, from the comments, if I am the only one who gets it 🙂

  6. Andy says

    You moved it quicker than I could 😂

  7. Kris says

    All together now for those who missed it…


  8. Lenard says

    Ctrl + f5

  9. Terry says

    Don’t think people are getting the irony here.

  10. Kevin says

    I just released an hour long pricing training –

    “Moving items in the Oxygen structure panel” is definitely a line item I bill for on every project 😝

  11. Barry says

    Resign shortcodes

  12. George says

    Idk your hourly but I know the tool and there’s literally no reason you should be billing for 2 hours for this. Is your minimum charge an hour or less? Thats what should be charged.

  13. Kirby says

    I have the same issue.. I billed a client 3 hours waiting for oxygen to load. Am I in the wrong?

  14. Brian says

    You don’t know how to do the oxygen wiggle?

  15. Cipo says

    You should qoute client the potential time upfront. If it reaches that point, you qoute again, if you miss/under qouted due to lack of xp. Then only charge the initial time qouted and consider the rest payment, in experience you gained and lesson learned. If qoute is approved, then you invoice.

  16. Peter says

    You managed to do it ? Pls post Video.. 😉 Happy New Year everybody !

  17. Gabriel says

    Haha! The struggle is real. How come there are some people that seem to do this so easy in their videos? What are we missing?

  18. Barry says

    Excellent!!! 🙂 LOL

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