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Hi guys, I have an issue with the creation/editing of the templates.

Hi guys, I have an issue with the creation/editing of the templates.

When I try to edit one of the templates in WP backend, a loading page appears and continues to load. Sometimes for few minutes, sometimes indefinetly.

It’s impossible to make any edit on the template. This is a random thing: sometimes happens, sometimes not.

I have already cleaned the cache and made compatibility tests removing and adding plugins. I have also set the parameter of Preview Dropdown Limit to 5 (as suggest in some guides).

Here you have a screen:

Thanks for your help.


  1. Davor Mlinarić says

    Try in Firefox Developer if you didn’t already. It’s noticable faster.

  2. Esta Schoeman says

    I have a similar problem with single product template elements not loading 😒

  3. John Dalezios says

    yes, I had that too, I cannot find the right words for it but it has to do with the page that you are editing.

    So if you edit a template that is designated for “pages” and you have mutliple ones, then you will have to select the page that you edit (from the oxygen builder, top left)

    I hope this helped ><

  4. Phillip Mongatane says

    I’ve been having this problem too. I can’t open all my templates on my ecommerce website. Must be a bug

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