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Hi guys, I have question about templating.

Hi guys, I have question about templating.

I have a template with a footer and a heading. But on 2 pages on my website, I need a slightly different footer.
Which is the best way to achieve this? without duplicating another template with same navigation and different footer (cause i did alot of custom coding)


  1. Petya Hristova says

    You can create a template only with your header and inner content; then create another template (Footer var1) that will have inner content and a footer that inherits the header template. Then make the template with the footer have other:catch all settings and in this way you can have your preffered footer be the main site template and on the pages where you need the other footer, you simply select the second template manually with the variant 2 footer that you need to create

  2. Alex Tester says

    Use Conditions to show the differences on the relevant page IDs.

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