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Hi guys, just launch my website today. It took a month and I really enjoyed the

Hi guys, just launch my website today. It took a month and I really enjoyed the process. As a web developer myself, I built this especially for my fellow designers and developer to help them with free design resources [illustrations and animations] for their projects.

I will really appreciate some feedback from you guys about the site [how I can make it better or if they are any glitches] and if this something people might need/appreciate.
Thanks in advance. 🙂
Note: This is not self-promotion post


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  1. Briany says

    There’s A LOT right about your site but some of your modals are ‘wonky’ and the 100vh height on the hero creates that shudder when scrolling down. I wish I knew the solution to that but I don’t.

  2. David says

    Letters cut off (extras). For me, the Orange is overwhelming. Otherwise, there are parts of your site that are great.

  3. Christopher says

    That’s a nice and catchy design, that hero section got my attention 😍 But I have a curiosity about the hero image: is that your personal work? Aside from that, if you don’t mind, I saw a few little things you can adjust to make it look more professional: 1. The text in the first button is hard to read. Try it without shadow and I bet it’s going to look better. 2. The text in your buttons is not consistent. You start with 18px, then 16, 14px and 20px in the end. You also use either Caps or normal letters, same with the shadow of the buttons, or colours. 3. Also, check the text block font across the page, you have two different fonts for paragraphs. 4. And my personal advice for the 3 cards where you present your services: use a button for each one, instead of the “coming soon” note above the last two. There I would use a different color for the buttons, even without a target link, if you are still working on those CTAs or links. Good luck, mate! ✌️

  4. Keith says

    Not loading at all on my phone (android, chrome), just thought I’d let you know 👍

  5. George says

    You might want to change your sliders to another js library. Oxygens slider really sucks

  6. Patrice says

    Very nice! One thing I would do differently is not have the hamburger menu for the desktop, or else make the menu not cover the whole page on the desktop. Very creative, I like the colors and styles. Did you do all the styling yourself or get the ideas from somewhere?

  7. Jodie says

    Very nice

  8. Camilo says

    Superb! how did you make the slider into the divs?

  9. James says

    Looks nice!

  10. Ravinder says

    popup doesn’t seem to working properly in mobile devices

  11. Colin says

    Beautifully finished

  12. Simon says

    I love all the illustrations and the overall aesthetic, very clean and modern.

    My only feedback would be on the sign-up pop up on the home page, once I’ve dismissed this it re-appears on page load again which can be annoying for users

  13. Rahmantogusnyta says

    Looks sweet! How did you do the mobile menu zoom in/out effect?

  14. Anderson says

    I bought your Avatar package from your website, I can’t wait to see what I look like as an Avatar. 😂

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