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Hi Guys, just purchased Oxygen and have a questions which may be already answere

Hi Guys, just purchased Oxygen and have a questions which may be already answered.. If you have a client that you are charging maintenance and support for the Website build. They then wish to cancel their contact with you after 1 or 2 years, how do you stop the updates if the site is on their own hosting platform?


  1. Kirby Ziada says

    You don’t. You charge them for the theme in your build, they then have lifetime access to updates. Why would you want to remove oxygen access? Just turn your purchase into a profit.

  2. Jornes Sim says

    Easy. If they stop using your service, you should remove their license from your account, they won’t get the plugin updates from Oxygen. Ask them to buy their own Oxygen license. Fair enough!

    Addition: as Mike Hicks said, ask them to buy the license or you add the cost in the price will be win win solution. Your client may come back to you if you handle with a good solution.

  3. Daniel Giustini Pérez says

    If you ask me, removing the Oxygen license from the client site is a totally clownish approach.

    If the client wants to part ways, so be it. Given that that particular client is gone anyway, you might as well let them walk happy by leaving a good final impression and granting them their wish of terminating the contract.

    For the “But that is not fair”-crybabies out there, it literally doesn’t make a difference for you. You’ve already purchased Oxygen, so whether that client’s site runs on it or not doesn’t matter to you (your Oxygen license is what would be referred to as a sunk cost in business).

  4. Adam Tang says

    remove site from your oxygen builder account 3 months after or as you see fit. Activate again if you start service them. If they consult you or they have new team, suggest them to buy from oxygen builder team to make whole project keep alive.

  5. Terry Gooding says

    You leave oxygen enabled you just disable updates. It’s up to them to then pick up the costs if they move. The site will be still functional and editable but obviously they run the risk of missing updates. It’s what they were paying your fees for.

  6. Konstantin Fedorov says

    – If the site was created by me, I’ll not disable updates for any lifetime plugins. And if something was used with yearly payments and I pay for it, I’ll not update it again and exclude its site from the licence list.
    – If I only help with ongoing maintenance and installed something to help myself with it, I’ll remove those plugins and licences.

  7. Sarah Crawford says

    I think of it this way – who is going to help them if it breaks? If they will do it themselves image them get a licensed so they can access support.

    I make it clear in my contracts that they will be required to purchase plugin licenses if they don’t remain on a care plan.

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