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  1. Pascal says

    wow that’s clean!

  2. Alexander says

    I also call it WORKstation but my wife starts to suspect something…

  3. Rinalds says

    How is the camera view from bottom of the screen?

    This is my setup at the moment. Desk with height change.

  4. Joe says

    Haha a palace compared to mine. Just a laptop and a semi-ok chair 🥳

  5. Roberto says

    My work station 🙂

  6. Geoff says


  7. Jill says

    I have a custom-made room-length desk, 3 computers, a 40 inch monitor, plus two 32 inch monitors. But instead, I sit in the front room with my little 23 inch screen in my recliner. I got a 48 inch long folding table from Walmart and took off the little plastic caps on the ends of the legs. Took the wheels off an old slanted-top computer “desk” thingy, had them welded into some bushings, and inserted those into the ends of the legs. Nice tight fit. Extended the legs to where the table can be pulled up around the arms of the recliner. Monitor, keyboard and mouse on the table. One of those little 3-shelf carts holds all my stuff, with the computer on top. Sit back, pull the table up to me, legs up – so comfy! And falling asleep in the recliner is so much better than falling asleep at a desk. 🙂 Very un-fancy, but I love it!

  8. Martin says

    Are that really your workstations? Didn’t see Oxygen open 😀

  9. Rasel says

    Where is Oxygen LOADING Icon?

  10. Martin says

    Clean! Mine is much more messy 😁

  11. David says

    Here’s mine

  12. Dominik says

    my better

  13. Ferdi says

    How do you have separate backgrounds lol

  14. Dan says

    How do y’all keep your desks so clean?

  15. Mike says

    Because their work actually is to clean the desk 😈

  16. Glenn says

    I guess we all gotta do something whilst oxygen is loading, in this case sharing our workstations 😆

  17. Clovis says

    where’d you get that desk??

  18. Budi says

    home sweet home

  19. Jary says

    here’s mine ( work and game )

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