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Hi. Hopefully someone can throw some light on this. I have a padding on a class

Hi. Hopefully someone can throw some light on this. I have a padding on a class that I have not given any padding settings to. The class was created using the editor and exists nowhere else. The class was given a background colour, and nothing else. The class also has border and text settings, which I also did not give it.
I have re-cached my CSS but the padding setting stubbornly refuses to go. Strangely, there is a duplicate empty version of the class too. The class name is “sg-button-dark-blue”.


  1. Thompson-Kelvin ReDeving-com says

    I’ve had this happen a few times lately. I first tried putting all to zero, with no effect. Then I accidentally put 10 in the offending spot (left margin in my case), then re-input 0, and bam, no mystery margin. I just do that first whenever it happens. Frustrating.

  2. Solomon Antonell says

    Do you have one of the extensions where it allows you to reset the class? Or can you go into the selectors and delete the selector?

    If you have one of the extensions that can reset it I’d try that first, although Oxygen may let you reset it natively now, I can’t remember off the top of my head but I’d try that first


    Not sure if you have it added to a ton of different elements or not but if you delete it and start over it might help.?

    Hope this sparks a couple things to try.

  3. Matt Hias says

    Usually, Oxygen creates style rules with single properties instead of combined ones.
    Like padding-top:10px; padding-bottom:10px; padding-left:16px; padding-right:16px;
    Instead of padding: 10px 16px;
    Same for borders.

    That lets me assume this one set of rules with combined properties has been created by yourself manually in Global Stylesheets. Or is part of a CSS framework?
    In those cases you won’t see the property values in Oxygen UI.

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