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Hi I am sorry but it is not working. Drag n drop is frustrating. Elijah Mills Pu

Hi I am sorry but it is not working. Drag n drop is frustrating. Elijah Mills Put the 3rd one in between or under is impossible.

(SOLVED: HI, I mistake to move SECTION into SECTION which is not allowed and that is why I cannot drag it in it.)


  1. Kevin Geary says

    I’ve been having this issue as well

  2. Eduardo Carreiro says

    This is the most annoying thing in Oxygen. It is a frustration. I don’t have problem to wait the builder load, but this.. it’s so annoying😣

  3. Yssa Villanda Palasi says

    Based from the icons, I’m guessing Row Middle is a section not a div?

  4. Nathan Somsa-ard says

    It’s indeed a global concern.

  5. Ray Mitchell says

    I seem to have a little better luck when I make my drag and drop movements slower.

  6. Michal Jursa says

    Well, yes. If I compare drag&drop overall stability in Oxy vs. Bricks I must say, Bricks is far more precise and predictable. It is just my feeling not a judgement.

  7. Lee Reynolds says

    Save, refresh and it works

  8. Ferdi Vol says

    Just add a ctrl + U for up or something like that

  9. Ronny Strowick says

    First of all, as somebody said, you try to put a section inside a section. That shouldn’t work, so your example is not working. Just confusing others 😉

    And it’s not bad at all. If you are a mouse user with heavy movements, then slow down your DPI.

    It’s a bit tricky, but if you got it, it works very well. Grab the part to move in the dotted area. For putting it below or up another one, move to the dotted area of it. When you like to put it inside, move 1cm more right of the dots and stay for 1-2 seconds. Oxygen will realize and “let it in” 😉

    All the best and enjoy developing 🤙

  10. Petya Hristova says

    If you have hydrogen you can use some shortcuts to achieve the same thing, I use arrow up and down to move elements and if I need to nest an element somewhere I just cut and paste it selecting the parent of the place where the element needs to be. Works great, no longer spending time trying to get it right with the drag and drop functionality

  11. Madhav Khattri Ghimire says

    I also faced issue when I am moving element to empty div because it’s closed, first I have to add element (child item) to that div from add menu and then I can move other element inside.

  12. Nico Ballesteros says

    you’re not alone

  13. Martin Rajnoch says

    yes, yes, I reported it many months back – it is nightmare move item in the structure panel. Still same nightmare, especially for large projects, large structure…

  14. Matt Hias says

    Robert Chen
    Please mark your post as SOLVED since it’s not an issue with Oxygen if you try to do something not allowed by design.
    Please also edit your post to tell the solution: “Don’t try to drag sections into sections.”

  15. Zrinka Zizi says

    I would rather have double longer oxygen load time happening than this 🥴

  16. Abdelouahed Errouaguy says

    Robert Chen as you use our Hydrogen Pack add-on, you can simply cut the element CTRL+x (or CMD+X) and then paste it in the needed position, you can also use the shortcuts to sort the elements 🙂

  17. Ruben Garcia Jr. says

    One of the few things they should copy from elementor 🤪🤪 the structure panel

  18. Greg Hill says

    I found that moving the element to the location where you want it to go then pausing (even if it seems to move) for a few moments it will settle into the correct spot.

    Also, when indenting an element i found a diagonal movement into the correct location, then again, pausing, helps too.

  19. Sasha-Shae Shaw says

    While his video showed dragging section into section, this is still an issue. The drag feature doesn’t always work right. And it is indeed annoying. Even with addons like hydrogen pack etc, it still is hard to drag and drop a lot of the times.

  20. Briany Hearne says

    This topic comes up a lot and I’m compelled to say that I NEVER have any issue with this BUT I have learned to move elements a certain way, smoothly and slowly allowing the system to keep up, and then finding that sort of middle area of the destination element….pause….. and bingo.

    Not very scientific and not what we might hope for in software but I find it completely usable and error free.

    Just sayin.

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