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Hi, I know there is earlier threads about this because I’ve seen it many times b

Hi, I know there is earlier threads about this because I’ve seen it many times but haven’t paid too much attention because I’ve never had any issues with Oxygen editor loading times or with the editor acting slow or clunky.

However now I had to start looking for answers for this because I just installed dplugins collaboration on one site so I could work simultaneously with my workmate…
It was impossible for him to edit anything because clicking, double clicking, or triple clicking elements always gives random amount of clicks, sometime selects the div instead of text, and sometimes moves the elements around.
Also his initial loading times for the editor are over 30 seconds, for me the loading time is more or less 10 seconds.
He is on PC with Chrome. Maybe couple of years old PC. I’m on 2015 Macbook Pro with Chrome.
This happened with Oxygen 3.8 and kept on going even after upgrading to Oxygen 3.9 beta.
Has anybody any ideas that could help me solve this issue for my friend?
I’m out of ideas, he tried Chrome and Brave and Opera, which of surprisingly he said Opera performed the best (but still with the same issues).
Have tried clearing caches on each browser and there is no AdBlocker involved either. Tests done without VPN, high speed fibre. Programs running simultaneously: Two Excel sheets

The site itself running only Oxygen, Collaboration, Oxyninja. Minimum amount of elements, only basic header, footer, hero made with tabs and few icons with text. Basically just a onepager started from a scratch with next to nothing added to it.
His computer is Ideapad 310-15ABR
10 cores 2,5ghz
8gb ram
Windows 10 64bit home
Should be enough to run one instance of Oxygen editor, right? 🤕


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