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Hi, is anyone interested in some very simple Oxygen piecework? My main business is support – I buil

Hi, is anyone interested in some very simple Oxygen piecework? My main business is support – I build simple websites for people free of charge then take a small monthly fee to support and maintain them. I’ve kept the build itself as simple as possible, with a standard 3-page Oxygen install I roll out then tailor with a client’s specific images and text in the sections they choose from a standard set of components. I’d say it’s an hour or two’s work per build for someone with Oxygen experience, but I’m getting to the point where I can’t build as many sites as I have enquiries for – a nice problem to have, but limiting nonetheless. I was thinking about offering about $100 per build to one or more regular collaborators on a “no regular commitment from you but I’ll check to see if you have time available for a build today/tomorrow” basis! No ongoing hassle for you as I then launch the site with the customer, make any further tweaks they ask for, and support it afterwards. Does that sound like a decent offer for some additional income in quiet periods? If so please drop me a PM! Look forward to hearing from you.


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  1. Rodrigo says

    Pm! Best regards

  2. Mohammad says

    Interested, Just Send me PM, if the place is not filled yet.

  3. Davor says

    Martin Carter many messages will go to spam, so check also there for them.

  4. Kyle says

    Hey Martin, I’ve sent you a message.

  5. Sharma says

    Martin Carter I have a good experence with Oxygen. Let connect through the Facebook messenger

  6. Martin says

    Many thanks everyone. I haven’t received all your messages so will check spam as you suggest Davor Mlinarić, thank you. I have a lot of client calls this afternoon (hence the need for the original post! 🙂) but will make sure I have responded to everyone as soon as I can. Great to get such a lot of interest and thanks for the positive comments from those whose messages I’ve managed to read so far. Look forward to being in touch with you all soon!

  7. Piyush says

    PM sent. I am a WordPress Developer and Page Speed Optimization Consultant

  8. Luan says

    Pm sent!

  9. Leandro says

    I am interested. I have sent you a private message. Thank you very much.

  10. Sumit says

    I’m interested! Because you are providing services like NGO (with cheap price) . Glad if I can help you anything. Feel free inbox me. More information check my profile.

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