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Hi, looking for best practice information.

Hi, looking for best practice information.

What is the best base font to work with while using Oxyninja classes?

If I use 10px (the 62.5% trick) as base fonts, things become to small.

If I use the normal 16px base font, things become too big (a c-h6 is giving me bigger heading that I want).


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  1. Artur says

    The 10px base is just defining the REM standard. You can choose what ever font size in REM you want.

  2. Mahd says

    Yes but OxyNinja classes uses Rem as a base. C-text-m give text size as 1 rem which is 10px. It surely becomes easy to calculate but things become very small.

  3. Artur says

    Mahd Ali Did you read the Guide or watch the Videos on the official site? I think you didn’t. Please do it. It will solve your problem.

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