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Hi Oxy Family,

Hi Oxy Family,

Simple one here (I Hope)

How do you set your footer to remain at bottom of your page when your inner content doesn’t cover 100 of the Height.

I mean for example here

How do I set the footer to remain at the bottom and not have that white space under the footer?

Thanks a lot.


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  1. Jamie says

    You could give your inner content a min height. For example 75vh which would make the inner content 75% of the viewport. You may need to play around with this value.

  2. Herman says

    I hope this tutorial will help

  3. Andrew says

    Flex solution available here is the cleanest IMO 😊

  4. Kevin says

    use fixed position, margin top = auto

  5. Farhan says

    Fixed position or add a min height to your inner content (prefer this one).

  6. Joshua says

    I suggest using min-height: calc(100vh – 68px); on your body/inner content. The 68px should be the sum of your header and footer heights

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