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Hi Oxy fellows,

Hi Oxy fellows,

I have a repeater displaying CPT.
I applied a taxonomy on this CPT with 2 main categories (medic / paramedic) then a few options for each.
My filtering is done with WP Gridbuilder.

I want to have a list of choice on the frontend that shows only the final level (so, not showing the parent category). I have managed to do that in WP Gridbuilder, no problem.

But now I want to display the category on each card of the repeater, but again, only the child category.
I want to keep the hierarchical taxonomy for other purposes on the website. And so I need to check the parent category for each post.

Have you an idea on how I can show only the child taxonomy on the cards?
I should maybe use some php snippet, but I am totally a noob with this language…!


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